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Based upon the latest advances in neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and education science, iDoRecall helps you capture key information, develop robust mental models and perfect your natural ability to recall everything you learn. IDoRecall helps you develop the knowledge foundation required to become a more creative person.


Customer issue

The main goal was to increase app performance, to decrease hosting costage and to deliver new features.



Tech lead

frontend developers

2 Frontend developers

backend developers

2 Backend developers

qa engineer

QA engineer

project manager

Project manager

Technologies used









And Mongodb, PDFTron.

When we joined

The first version of the project was released, but a lot of performance and functional issues were present. Our team was joined to develop new version of this product from scratch. And also for support and project enhance after big release. The new version includes a web application and a desktop version.

What we have done

We successfully developed and delivered web and desktop applications. Now the product is salable, fast-working and users are happy to use it.

To support Old version:

Firstly we did complete analysis of the site, comparative analysis of competitors. Based on gathered information we were focused on bug fixing and refactoring. Also, UI was improved with the help of users and new features was implemented.

Current development has been continuing for more than 1 year.


Features we have implemented

  • Developed web and Desktop version of the app (Electron)
  • Realtime data sync between any devices
  • Stripe payments
  • Memory cards management
  • Audio recording
  • Ability to download recalls
  • Integration with social networks
  • Integration with PDFTron library. It allows users to upload and mark any types of documents with required notes etc.

The main problem

The app was very unoptimised, which cause huge bills for hosting.

A lot of bugs appeared, app was not user friendly.

The Solution

We migrated some parts of app from Firebase to mongodb + node js. This allowed to reduce hosting costs dramatically (in 10 times). Implemented features helped to increase the number of users, made the app reliable for payments activities.

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