Intouch Bar

Application for restaurants



Consist of 2 apps: the client part and part of a waiter. Client system with a set of various functions, such as menu, order formation, order change, viewing order status, loyalty program, the ability to call a waiter, etc. The waiter's application allows to create an order for a client, add bonuses to the client, adjust the order, send notifications to the client about what stage the order is at. The pilot run under the working title "Intouch Bar" took place in Ukraine at several restaurants.


Customer issue

Develop a client and waiter application. Must have a single code base for the web and mobile versions, that is, need a hybrid application: selection of technologies; design the architecture; implementation. Submit the applications to App Store and Play Market, compliance with all norms and requirements of stores. Formation of a profitable offer for restaurants: analyze what internal systems are used by the majority of establishments; determine whether it is possible to integrate with these systems.



Tech lead

frontend developers

3 Frontend developers

backend developers

2 Backend developers

qa engineer

QA engineer

project manager

Project manager

Tecnologies used







Angular 1+

Angular 1+

And Cordova, Ionic, .Net

When we joined

The design was created, requirements were created and tested. There were preliminary arrangements with restaurants in the local market, which are ready for test launch of the application.

What we have done

We selected the relevant and decisive (at that time) client's question technology - cordova, ionic. For web and mobile application development. We developed the architecture and made the first version for the pilot launch of the application in the local market. The application was successfully submitted in App Store and Play Market, passed all the stages of registration and authentication. The local market was analyzed, the systems used by restaurants (iico, keeper) were clarified. We contacted representatives of these systems and discussed integration conditions.


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