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Hygge Software
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Live My Steps

Entertainment & Social Travel App

The app is the social network for travellers and local-research lovers. It helps to post photos with photo locations and view them on the photo map; create photo memories for all the visited places & travel experiences you had in your life.

The Brief
Customer issue
Creating the mobile app MVP for iOS and Android from Scratch
Technologies used
When we joined
The goal was to build the mobile app from scratch. We have passed the way from the app’s architecture creation to go live on the App Store and Play Market.
What we have done
We have successfully build the app’s infrastructure and were working on app development. After passing QA’s quality control, have successfully launched it on time and published to the App Store and Google Play. Also, we’ve created the Admin Panel for the app managing and supporting.
Features we have implemented
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Subscriptions
  • User profile creation and authorization
  • Photos uploading and managing
  • Post creation and managing
  • Social activity features (likes, comments, sharing etc.)
The Solutions
  • To determine geolocation we used react-native-community/geolocation to get the current coordinates of the user and send them to the backend. The backend processes these coordinates and checks if one of my friends have a photo within a radius of 400m.
  • In order to locate a specific photo by coordinates, we used react-native-geocoding.
  • To display user’s photos on the map we used react-native-maps and google API. To display multiple photos in one location we used clusters.
  • We used rn-fetch-blob to quickly upload photos to the backend. Also, in order to optimise image loading we are calculating the user’s screen size and load images of the required size.
  • 01. Company : Hygge Software
  • 02. Client : Live my steps
  • 03. Category : UI/UX, App development
  • 04. Online : www.livemysteps.com
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