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Working with Ukrainian developers in 2022:
benefits and concerns

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Working with Ukrainian developers in 2022: benefits and concerns

Working with Ukrainian developers in 2022: benefits and concerns
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When it comes to IT staff augmentation or looking for a team to outsource your project, Ukraine is widely perceived as a top choice to hire skilled IT developers. Amid a backdrop of the European energy crisis, the development costs started to be considered even more than before.

Founded and grown in Ukraine, we aim to provide you with a local perspective, as well as to bring you up to speed on the benefits and concerns of choosing a Ukrainian development team in 2022:

1. Cost savings
Software development projects engaging with a Ukrainian team could save you up to 40% in development costs. This is achieved by means of prudent cost estimation, technical proficiency of the team, and saving on benefit packages (social security, vacations, professional development, etc.) which are usually covered by Ukrainian companies.

2. Skillful experts
WhatsApp, Grammarly, Gitlab, and Solana were all founded or co-founded by Ukrainians, proving the technical proficiency of Ukrainian developers, as well as understanding the business objectives behind the development. Given a strong technical background and a wide stack of technologies, a Ukrainian developer becomes a valuable asset able to deliver expected results.

3. European standards of business communication
English proficiency, European standards of quality and relentless approach to deadlines is what makes Ukrainian developers a top choice for big names, as well as smaller players across various sectors.

4. Speed of hiring
There are more than 5000 IT companies registered in Ukraine, which has developed an infrastructure of industry events and recruitment procedures to create a skilled workforce able to join your project worldwide.

5. Recovery of Ukrainian economy 
And the last, but not the least — choosing to work with our developers, you will actually be helping to rebuild the Ukrainian economy and trigger the post-war restoration of the country. The initial damages of war are around $108 billion in infrastructure alone, so we have a long way to go.

Possible disruptions in electricity supply and safety concerns have been largely mitigated by IT companies themselves, as they have been relocated to other countries in advance or during the first months of the war. In addition to that, most clients are concerned about the potential mobilization of specialists. From what we are witnessing on the inside, this process is neither spontaneous nor immediate. In our practice there has been only one case where an employee joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but he did it voluntarily.

When working with a developer backed up by an experienced development company, your needs will always be fulfilled by the organization. You will always have a qualified developer working with you.

Despite all the hurdles being endured by the local IT sector at the moment, Ukrainian developers are strongly committed to defending their homeland, recovering the economy and remaining a go to destination for top notch quality of software development.

In order to ensure the orderly delivery, Hygge:
* relocated its team to ensure safety
* developed a continuity plan for each project we have
* ensured positive well being of employees to guarantee a proper delivery


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