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How Hygge Software
organized its operations
with the outbreak of war

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How Hygge Software organized its operations with the outbreak of war

How Hygge Software organized its operations with the outbreak of war

Despite all hurdles, the war triggered fundamental changes, which brought our team to a brand new level. Some of them helped us stop outdated practices, some established new processes. Let’s have a closer look 👀 

1. Location
To ensure the safety of Hygge team, we had to relocate from Kharkiv to safer regions. Since March 2022, Hygge works as a fully remote team distributed between multiple time zones from Croatia to Tajikistan. 

Since the second day of the war our office was completely empty. We decided to terminate the office lease contract and shut down our premises. It wasn’t revolutionary for the industry, yet ground breaking for us. However, this decision enabled us to offer clients favorable hourly rates, discounted by $2 and maintain the same quality at a lower price. 

2. Focus
Instead of multitasking and running the risk of quality dissolution, we defined our core structure and decided to focus on it.

Given strong technical background, our team chose to focus on JavaScript — the dominant web technology. JavaScript covers a wide tech stack to develop easily compatible, scalable and reliable software to serve your business needs. 

3. Growth
Impossible as it may seem, the Hygge team has grown by 20% during spring 2022. It largely happened because we had to accommodate the growing demand for developers from Ukraine due to various factors. 

These factors include:

• companies switching from Russian to Ukrainian vendors
• lower costs from working online
• strive to support the Ukrainian economy during the war

4.Defending Ukraine 

Undoubtedly, every Ukrainian is involved in defending our motherland, from volunteer work to protecting it on the battlefield. Our team is not an exception. Apart from multiple volunteering projects, Hygge team members are involved personally by regularly raising funds to support the brigade based in Kharkiv. 

While the potential mobilization creates some concerns, this process is neither spontaneous nor immediate. In our practice there has been only one case where an employee joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but he did it voluntarily.

5.Operating online

The challenges that the war brought helped us focus on essentials and drop avoidables for good. 

Our operational activities haven’t changed much since the outbreak of the war. We continue working within the Agile framework and use the best practices such as, planning, daily calls, reviews, retrospectives and backlog checks to ensure the best quality of the code. 

The only new policy we introduced was a time availability from 10am to 7 pm Kyiv time. This was to ensure that all team members are synchronized in terms of project workflow and administrative issues. If a client works in a different time zone, the team dedicated to this client will work accordingly. 


There will be no conclusion, since the Hygge story continues unabated. We are open for new projects and ready to discuss yours✌🏼


Anton Vuchkan anton.vuchkan@hygge.software
Artem Protorenko artem.protorenko@hygge.software
Phone +380 66 9860 475

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