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augmentation approach explained

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Hygge staff augmentation approach explained

Hygge staff augmentation approach explained

Staff augmentation might be a fast, yet effective solution to deliver tangible results without building the development team from scratch, regardless if it is a product development or a service request. 

We fully understand the concerns clients have when entering the team augmentation process, especially when they have had a negative experience at least once. 

The number of doubts and misconceptions regarding the work with teams dedicated to external projects, calls on us to explain the Hygge staff augmentation approach step by step. 

1. Request processing
First thing first, we analyze, define, and prioritize the needs of the project. Using the business analysis deliverables, we identify the complexity of the potential project and elaborate a team structure with a detailed list of requirements and responsibilities for a future search. 

2. Candidate selection
We take recruiting seriously and introduced a 3-step evaluation procedure to ensure only the best people are on board. It includes: technical interview, English check and general screening, which evaluates soft skills and motivation. 

To ensure the candidate fits your project, we carry out two more stages: technical test based on project requirements and final interview with the client to ensure the candidate fits your expectations. 

3. Try-out period
Only after client’s approval, we start onboarding and knowledge transfer. Hiring formalities (job offer, project requirements, scope of work, company policies) also remain with us. Project and client data is confidential and protected by a contract and an NDA. At this stage the project flow starts and you start getting first results. 

4. Long-term commitment
After a trial month which guarantees an option to terminate the contract within one business day, the client decides to proceed with long-term cooperation and team extension.

Each of the stages above is an integral part of the team setup process and substantially mitigates the risk of a misfit.

Another undeniable benefit of working with a software development company, is that it always provides a backup in terms of all resources engaged in development. It handles sick leaves, vacations, keeps an eye on deadlines and ensures smooth delivery. 

In a nutshell, the team setup for your project goes way beyond the simple find-and-pair approach. It implies careful evaluation of project objectives and builds a tailored roadmap for delivery. 

In case you’re looking to expand your team and business, drop us a line to receive a project estimation and rates. 

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