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Hygge referral program

Our clients often ask us how to reduce the costs of software development.

In order to all stakeholders could benefit from working with Hygge and optimize their costs, we offer referral cooperation.

Advantages of referral program:

  • Receive passive income
  • Save money on development costs
  • Establish long-term cooperation for mutual benefit

Step-by-step referral explanation

  1. You recommend Hygge software development services to your partners, acquaintances, friends, and people who are interested in creating their product.
  2. You provide us with information about the potential client in any convenient way (email, Skype, etc.).
  3. We provide consultation, estimation, and other activities before the development.
  4. The client signs an agreement with us, and we start working on the project.
  5. Once the client pays the overall project cost, the referee receives a designated discount (up to 5%) for his next invoice.
  6. If you are a partner who is not yet engaged in working with Hygge or worked with us some time ago, we will send the designated discount straight to your bank account.

  1. In case the new client is engaged in long-term product development with us, we will issue the discounted invoices quarterly.
  2. In case the client requires staff augmentation services, we will issue the discounted invoice/money transfer after the first month and after the closing of the project.

Has got any questions or ready to refer Hygge?

Artem Protorenko artem.protorenko@hygge.software 

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